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What You Need to Know About Home Pre-Approval


If you want to be a homeowner soon, getting a pre-approval can sometimes be nerve-racking. Through this post, Excellence Finance‘s experts share with you what there is to know about home pre-approval. Questions such as how long do the home pre-approval last, what does it involve and when it is necessary will be answered.  What […]

What You Need To Know About Credit Scores and Credit Reports

The Banks & lenders will use your credit score or credit rating to assess your loan application whether they will offer you credit. If you know your credit score or have a copy of your credit report beforehand, you will have a better idea of the suitable deals and be able to further understand why […]

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Graphic of house labeled 'Mortgage

Have you ever heard of mortgage refinancing? Before, many people who took out a mortgage continued with it until they had completely paid it off. However, times have changed, and people now refinance their mortgages more frequently.  If you are wondering if you should refinance your mortgage, take a look at some of the most […]

Tricks to Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster

Take a closer look at your loan. Check your progress.  How are you paying it off? If you think the progress is too slow, here are a few tips to help you pay off  your mortgage sooner. implement these steps, and you can be financially free, sooner.  Make Smaller Payments, More Often This technique can […]

Is Your Profession Key to Saving On Your Home Loan?

Your job can save you on your mortgage, especially if your profession classifies you as a low-risk borrower. If the lender sees you as one, you may be entitled to special discounts. Our Excellence Finance experts will break down the process to you. Who Are the Lucky Ones?  Lawyers, doctors and accountants are usually eligible […]

How Can Redraw and Offset Accounts Can Save You Money

Redraw facilities and offset accounts can be beneficial for borrowers as these allow you to reduce the balance of your home loan. This means the interest charged will decrease when you make weekly or monthly loan repayments.  Redraw Facilities When we speak about redraw facilities, you can deposit extra funds into your home loan account. […]

Quick Checklist If You Need to Purchase a Property

Hand holding house keys with blurred residential background.

As medical professionals, you need to find a home that will make you feel comfortable after a long day. But if it is your first time finding a property, it can be overwhelming. Following is a quick guide if you plan to buy your own home. Be guided and get your dream house!  1. Know […]

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