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Ask These 10 Questions Before You Apply for Finance

Make sure to review all the asset loan features. Check if you can redraw or even make extra payments.  See if it is fixed or variable. This will allow you to determine how much you need to pay over the period of your loan.  The answer depends on the lender. Ideally, you can  borrow up […]

Top Things Home Buyers Should Need to Know First

As an home buyer have you ever heard of mortgage refinancing? Before, many people who took out a mortgage continued with it until they had completely paid it off. However, times have changed, and people now refinance their mortgages more frequently.  If you are wondering if you should refinance your mortgage, take a look at […]

Here’s Why Your Finance Broker is Asking for Too Many Documentation

Nobody really likes collecting the paperwork. However, providing the right documentation to your Sydney finance broker can save you time and money.  What Will Your Finance Broker Ask From You?  Your Finance broker might request the following documents.   Additional requirements might be asked, depending on the lender or bank your finance broker intends to apply […]

The Parties Involved When Purchasing a Property

Let’s admit it. While purchasing a property is an exciting experience, it can also be nerve-wracking. That is why it is important that you have a strong network with expertise. In this article, we’ll talk about the parties involved when you purchase a property.  Real Estate Agent A real estate agent is necessary unless you […]

What You Need To Know About Capital Gains Tax

If you plan to buy and sell an investment property, you are required to pay capital gains tax or CGT on sale of investment property. You must understand this first before you buy or sell investment property.  What is CGT? A CGT (Capital Gains Tax) is a required tax to pay on any capital gain […]

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