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Extra Repayment Calculator

Work out how much time and money you’ll save with extra repayments. Our fast and reliable extra repayment calculator will help you estimate your savings. Making extra payments above your minimum loan can make a big difference in your payment scheme.

With proper planning, you can pay off your home loan quickly and more efficiently. Our easy to use calculator will allow you to estimate the time and interest savings. Make additional regular payments and complete the loan payment earlier leaving you with more resources and a paid-up home.

Calculator Details Breakdown

  • Loan Amount – how much you borrowed in total
  • Interest Rate – at what rate did the bank or lending organisation charge you
  • Loan Term – how long is the agreed payment duration
  • Repayment Frequency – how often will you be paying the premium
  • Extra amount – how much extra payment are you willing to put
  • Starts after – refers to the date when you’ll start the extra repayment from the day your loan started.


Things To Consider Before Calculating Extra Repayment

Before you start planning extra repayments it’s important that you consider the following first:

  • Does your loan type allow repayments?
  • Does your loan have restrictions on repayments?


Not considering these two can result in either being unable to make extra repayments or getting penalised. Basic variable and variable rate loans will allow for extra repayments but that is not the case for all loan types. Loans like fixed-rate loans may allow extra payments but they may come with restrictions.

Avoid break fees by making sure your home loan structure has provisions for paying extra on the monthly minimum.

To be sure, speak with a licensed mortgage broker.

Our Excellence Finance mortgage brokers will help you evaluate and breakdown in detail your possible extra repayment options. Talk with us today and let us help you achieve your goals!


Our extra repayment calculator does not include additional fees and taxes. It only takes into account the loan details. The result of the computation is meant to be your guide. For a more accurate and detailed breakdown, please contact one of our mortgage brokers


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